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When We Left Cuba

I might have mentioned once or twice how much I loved Next Year in Havana (if you haven’t read it yet, it’s the perfect summer read so make sure you add it to your TBR).  Anyway since finishing it I have been eagerly awaiting the follow up, When We Left Cuba, which I finished a few days ago and it didn’t disappointed. This time the story centres on sugar heiress, Beatriz Perez.  A young woman forced to leave her beloved homeland of Cuba for life in America.  Determined to seek revenge on the men who killed her brother and on a quest to reclaim her country she agrees to work for the CIA; her mission to get close to and kill Fidel Castro. When Beatriz meets and falls in love a with a powerful American politician she finds herself torn between the love of her family and country and the man who has won her heart.  She knows her work with the CIA is dangerous, but is she prepared to risk it all? I absolutely loved this book, Beatriz is a formidable character, a true heroine; strong, determined, fearless and totally believable. As with Next Year in Havana, Chanel Cleeton writes so beautifully that I could imagine every scene vividly and I just couldn’t put this book down. I was completely captivated.  When We Left Cuba is so much more than a pretty cover, it’s a wonderful story about love, loyalty, espionage, patriotism and finding the courage to stand up what you believe in. A glamorous and thrilling story, that will be this summer's most perfect sun lounger read. For your chance to win a copy, head over to my Instagram @bestbookforward

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