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What would you forget?

Have I mentioned before that I love Liane Moriarty's books? Big Little Lies is definitely my favourite, if you haven't read or watched the series, you should. What Alice Forgot is equally brilliant.

Can you imagine losing 10 year's worth of your memories? That is what happens to Alice Love when she takes a tumble at her gym (I knew exercise was bad for you). She wakes up and believes that she is 29 and pregnant with her first child. In fact, she is almost unrecognisable at 39; a mother of three children, with a marriage in tatters and seemingly has become the sort of woman she does not like. She has a lot to learn about the new Alice.

What Alice Forgot is a good fun read, with some great observations. On a series note, there are some scenes with Alice's sister, Elizabeth, that I found really thoughtful and touching. I struggled with infertility and miscarriage before having my twins, although not on the scale of Elizabeth. The homework sections that Elizabeth writes for her therapist showed a great understanding and empathy for her situation.

It did make me wonder what I would think if this happened to me, I'm not sure my 29 year old self would be able to get her head around twins... mind you there are days that I can't either!

What's your favourite Liane Moriarty book?

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