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Together by Luke Adam Hawker

Last week I had the most gorgeous book mail, it was wrapped beautifully and inside was such a special book; Together by @lukeadamhawker which is out today.


I sat down to read it straight away and I just fell in love with it. Together is an illustrated story of a man and his dog, navigating their way through a monumental storm that brings huge and sudden change.


Described as being โ€œa gentle and philosophical look at the events of 2020, and how we can deal with the challenges life throws usโ€; I thought it was just most beautiful read. I found myself sitting and staring at some of the pages and thinking back over the last year or so. Each page is a work of art, his illustrations are incredible theyโ€™re so detailed and beautiful.


I did find it to be a really moving book but also it just made me feel calm and hopeful. It felt like a much needed hug in a book. Over the last year Iโ€™ve given lots of friends copies of The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse and I know that I will be doing the same with this one.


Together by @lukeadamhawker is out today. Thank you so much to @octopus_books_ for sending it to me, itโ€™s a wonderful book and I just love it so much.


What books have brought you comfort over the last year?


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