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This Is Going To Hurt

I don’t think I have ever had as many recommendations for one book as I have for Adam Kay’s This Is Going To Hurt. Despite being told by so many people how much I would love it, I have left it sat on my TBR pile for far too long. I think that I was a little worried firstly that it would be an over-hyped book and secondly that it might give me a phobia of doctors!

In fact it has just totally strengthened my confidence and respect for NHS workers. When you read Adam’s diary it is unbelievable the amount of pressure that Junior Doctors are subjected to, I mean it literally sounds like torture.

It is a very funny book, some of the stories that Adam shares are absolutely outrageous, the things that people do to themselves is just mind blowing. It is also at times, very moving. Adam was clearly a brilliant doctor and a very caring man.

The NHS have been there for me and my family many times. My journey to motherhood, was not smooth and I met many doctors and nurses who took great care of me at that time. We really need to stand up for this wonderful institution and the dedicated and selfless people who work there.

So I just want to send a big thank you to anyone who works for the NHS, in whatever capacity, for the wonderful work you do.

I will be recommending this book like crazy to everyone. Its a great read and it is so thought-provoking and I have thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

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