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The Truths & Triumphs of Grace Atherton

Grace Atherton is a pretty special lady, and this is a pretty special book.

A talented musician and the owner of a music shop, Grace is a woman I came to admiral greatly and think of with great affection. She is passionate about her music and her instruments and yet suffers from crippling anxiety about playing in public. What I loved most about her is she’s brave enough to admit her mistakes and with the help of her friends she finds the courage to put things right.

When Grace’s life falls to pieces she turns to her unlikely friends; Mr Williams, a charming elderly gentleman and long time customer and her sassy Saturday girl, Nadia. This trio won my heart and the story of them helping to get Grace back on her feet is just utterly charming.

This beautiful story of love and friendship held me under its spell, I couldn’t bear to put this book down and yet it was one that I didn’t want to finish either. I don’t have a musical bone in my body (you can ask my siblings who had to endure many years of me learning to play the flute, sorry guys), I loved the descriptions of the music, of how the ‘cello was made and when I finished I did spend some time listening to the beautiful pieces of music that are referenced throughout.

The Truths and Triumphs of Grace Atherton is an absolutely delightful read. I would totally recommend it and I’m really hoping that Anstey Harris has many more books to follow as I just adored her writing.

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