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The Taster

Historical fiction and a strong woman is always going to be a winner for me. I had seen some great reviews of Her Hidden Life by V.S. Alexander (also called The Taster) on Instagram.

As the war rages on, Magda Ritter leaves her home in Berlin to live with her Aunt and Uncle. There she secures a dangerous and terrifying job as one of the Fuhrer's tasters. Magda's story is so interesting as she surrounded by some Hitler's strongest supporters and she is not one of them. Keeping her thoughts to herself and not knowing who she can trust makes for a really interesting story.

There are some edge of the seat moments and I did feel quite attached to Magda but equally there were some very far-fetched moments.

I wouldn't say it is the best book I've read in this genre but it did hold my attention. I can't quite imagine how terrifying it would have been to be one of the tasters.

I would be interested to read more about Eva Braun. She's not somebody I've ever really thought about, but reading this book did make me wonder about her. If anybody has any recommendations I'd love to hear about them in the comments below.

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