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The Summer Job by Lizzy Dent

Last weekend I read The Summer Job by @lizzy.dent and I loved it. It’s not out until April but it’s definitely one you’re going to want to keep an eye out for. (See picture 2 for synopsis).

Ok so this is a brilliant romcom, once I started it I found it really hard to put down. Birdy is fabulous, normally in a plot where somebody is pretending to be somebody they’re not I’m shouting inside for them to tell the truth before it goes too far, but with Birdy I wanted her to succeed. She’s a little outrageous but I think because she’s so determined I just couldn’t help but love her.

While there is a lot of humour, it did make me laugh a lot, there’s a lot of heart too. I don’t want to give too much away but she does handle a couple of difficult topics in a really sensitive way.

As a debut I have to say it got me very excited. Like lots of book worms I’ve been really craving feel-good reads and this one was just what I needed. I love her writing and storytelling and I hope that this will be the first of many books by Lizzy Dent.

The Summer Job is out 15 April, hopefully by then we’ll be in a better place but whatever situation we find oursleves in I can safely say that this one will bring a smile to your face. Thank you so much to @vikingbooksukfor sending this one to me, I loved it.

Have you read any really good feel-good reads recently that you’d like to recommend

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