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The Salt Path

When deciding which books to take with me on holiday, The Salt Path by Raynor Winn was at the top of my list. Firstly, because we were visiting an area that the book is about and secondly, because I lost count of how many people told me I must read this book! Following a lengthy legal dispute Raynor and Moth Winn are devastated to learn that they will lose everything; their home and their livelihood. Days later and still reeling from the shock, the couple attend a doctors appointment where Moth is told that he is terminally ill. Their world crumbles. Left with nothing, the pair pack up a tent and a few belongings and impulsively decide to walk 630-miles from Somerset to Dorset, via Devon and Cornwall. Unbelievably this is a true story. Not only is Moth terminally ill, his condition is debilitating and causing him great pain. His doctors strongly advised rest and yet the gruelling journey they undertake seems to have a really positive mental and physical impact on the pair. To say this couple are inspiring is a massive understatement. While we were in Cornwall we visited a couple of the beaches that they walked through, (this shot is taken from an area they passed through) and it was clear that this wasn’t a walk in the park, it would be a massive challenge for anyone. I found their story very moving and it’s a thoughtful book about the human spirit; its capability for strength and endurance. It’s about love, grief, hope and fear. It is also about the homeless and the way we perceive them. I was shocked and saddened by the way they were treated at times, but there are also moments were they were shown kindness by strangers. I highly recommend this one, it is a beautifully told, life-affirming and uplifting read. Thank you so much to everyone who suggested I read it.

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