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The Most Fun We Ever Had by Claire Lombardo

I can’t remember when I bought The Most Fun We Ever Had, but I do remember being very excited about it. That is until it landed on my doormat with a thud, I hadn’t realised it was such a big book, and I’m not great with big books, so I popped it on my TBR pile and kept overlooking it.

At the beginning of the month I decided to give it a try, people kept telling me that it didn’t feel like a long read and it’s so good I’d be glad that there’s lots of it. Turns out they were right, I fell into the story quickly and every time I picked it up again it felt like catching up with friends.

The story is about the Sorensen Family. Marilyn and David are the parents to four grown up daughters; all living their own lives and dealing with their own problems. The eldest, is young widow who is using alcohol to soothe her broken heart. Then there’s the stay at home mum who is dealing with the sudden appearance of the teenage son she gave up for adoption at birth. The daughter who discovers she’s pregnant and is not sure she wants to be, or if she even loves the father at all. Finally the baby of the family and the one who is living a lie.

I’m so glad I finally picked this one up. It’s one of those books where the characters just come alive. I really felt like I knew them all. It brought out a real mix of emotions in me, but even if I felt irritated at times it was an affectionate sort of way. This is a brilliant family saga, it has plenty of drama without being over the top dramatic, it’s very real in that sort of wonderful messy, complicated way that families have.

This is Claire Lombardo’s debut novel and I have to say her writing is stunning. As you’ll know, I’m not great with long books but this didn’t feel long, it was almost like having a really good phone call with a friend filling you in all that’s been happening with their family.

Thanks to everyone who kept telling me to bump it my TBR, you were absolutely right. It’s a great read.

Do you have any books sitting on your TBR that you keep overlooking? I know I have plenty of others that I need to get to!

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