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The Miseducation of Evie Epworth by Matson Taylor

Don’t you love it when you pick up the right book at the right time. Last week, I wanted a really good uplifting read and so I thought I’d try The Miseducation of Evie Epworth by @matson_taylor_ and it was a brilliant choice for me. It’s funny, fresh and actually a really brilliant debut novel.

Set in the 60s, Evie Epworth is sixteen years old. Desperate to grow up but unsure of what direction to take. She lives on a farm with her dad Arthur and Christine; a vile, manipulative and money grabbing woman who is about to become Evie’s stepmother - unless Evie is able to save the day of course!

Evie is such a great character, her poor dad really doesn’t have a clue what’s going on around him so Evie has to rely on her two Adam Faith posters to offer her counsel. She also has a wonderful neighbour who can see exactly what is going on between Arthur and Christine and is a really great friend to Evie.

There are some really funny parts which made me laugh out loud and I really enjoyed the storyline. I was totally rooting for Evie and found myself wanting to cheer for her, that’s how involved I was with her story!

I think at the moment we could all use a fun and uplifting read and so I’d highly recommend this one. This is such a great debut novel I really can’t wait to see what @matson_taylor_ will do next.

Do you have any brilliant uplifting books that you could recommend?

Have a lovely day

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