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The Marlow Murder Club by Robert Thorogood

It may seem odd to say reading a murder mystery brought me a lot joy but that’s how I felt while reading The Marlow Murder Club by @robertthorogoodwriter (see picture two for synopsis).

Firstly reading a book set in my home town was so fun; I loved seeing Marlow brought to life and I was so excited to see our lovely postman Fred is a character in the book! But you don’t have to know and love Marlow to enjoy this one because it’s just a brilliant read.

Character-wise there are some brilliant ones. Judith is my favourite, she’s one plucky pensioner! While she is the super sleuth of Marlow, she’s also a lady with secrets of her own. Her sidekicks Suzie and Becks are great characters as well and I just loved the way the three of them become friends and work together.

Did I manage to solve the mystery? Come on, you know me I’m the world’s worst detective! I didn’t guess the plot at all because I always fall for the red-herrings.

I read The Marlow Murder Club last week, just as we started homeschooling and it really was something that I looked forward to picking up each day. It’s such a fun read, there’s a bit of action and a great mystery but I really can only describe it as a joy to read.

This is the first in the series and I honestly can’t wait for the next one. How does it sound to you, is it one you’ll be picking up or have you read it already?

Have a great day 💕

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