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The Man Who Didn't Call

I won this copy of The Man Who Didn’t Call by Rosie Walsh through the Readers First website. Each week they feature two books and you go online and give them your first impressions of the books based on the cover and the synopsis. You’re then entered into a prize draw and if you win they ask that you give a review in return. Simple and brilliant! 📖 I thought that this would be one of those light books that you fly through, that are just good fun to read, but there’s actually a lot more to this one. The plot has so much more to it than I had imagined and it kept me absolutely glued to the pages. 📖 Sarah meets Eddie one day while out walking, the attraction is instant and mutual. They spend the next seven days together and fall in love. Eddie has to leave for a holiday he promises to call, but he doesn’t he seemingly disappears. Sarah is worried, confused and devastated she believes something must have happened to him. What could possibly keep him away? She later discovers that the reason for his disappearance is the one thing they didn’t share with each other. The truth. 📖 I thought I had this plot all summed up from the outset and that I was just along for a pleasant ride. Well I was totally wrong, I did not see the twist coming and I thought it was very clever. The book went from light and easy to a very moving and thought provoking read. Rosie Walsh writes beautifully about love, grief and forgiveness. She got me really thinking about both sides of the story and I just couldn't decide what I’d do in their place. 📖 If you’re still planning your summer reads definitely consider saving some space in your suitcase for this one. It’s a really captivating love story that is very relatable, original and moving and has a twist that I did not see coming. 📖 What’s been your favourite summer read so far this year?

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