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The Lido

Books like The Lido don't come along very often.   It’s one of those books that you can’t put down, but don’t want to end. I love thrillers, historical fiction, memoirs but sometimes I just want a lovely story. The Lido delivers that and so much more.

Kate is a young journalist trying to get her career and life in order.  When her boss sends her to write her first real story about the possible closure of Brixton Lido, she knows this is the chance she has been waiting for.

Rosemary has lived in Brixton all 86 years of her life. The Lido is her real home, she swims there everyday and it is a major player in her life story. She is not prepared to give it up without a fight. Together the two women embark on the campaign to save their Lido.

This is a book about finding your passion, standing up for what you believe in, friends, family,  community, love and loneliness.

Rosemary and Kate are brilliant characters, and this book came alive for me.  I actually found myself thinking what could be done to save the Lido. I know I'll be thinking about these ladies for a long time.

Libby Page has also done a wonderful job of writing about an issue that I personally struggle with. Anxiety.  I loved how she wrote this for Kate.  She isn’t ever a pathetic woman, her anxiety and loneliness is handled realistically and sympathetically.  I love that writers are bringing these issues out.

Finally Rosemary and George, well there’s really nothing to say other than what a beautiful, heartwarming love story. 

For me, The Lido is a new favourite.  If I had to compare characters, I would say that Rosemary and Kate became as dear to me as Fredrik Backman’s Ove and the wonderful Eleanor Oliphant. 

I really hope that you’ll read it and would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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