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The Hunting Party

Happy New Year! I hope you had a great time celebrating. For us it was a quiet night, we walked down to Marlow Bridge at midnight to see the fireworks and then headed home and promptly passed out! It was my idea of the perfect night (particularly as the children woke me up at 5am the next morning!)

It was certainly a far cry from the group of friends in Lucy Foley’s new book, The Hunting Party, who gather at the glamorous and remote Loch Corrin Estate for a New Year’s Eve getaway.

The group get together each year to celebrate and remember the good old days when they were at Oxford together.

This year things have changed. One has had a baby, new partners are on the scene and the group appear to have grown apart. Despite this, they are determined to have a great time. However as the clock strikes twelve, a blizzard descends and one of the group goes missing. When a body is found, all the signs are pointing to murder.

The story is told from multiple view points and goes between the present day and a couple of days before when the group start their celebrations. I loved that you don’t find out who the victim is until quite late in the story let alone who the murderer is. Lucy Foley throws so many red herrings in, and she has created several characters who you could quite easily see becoming the victims of murder!

While I had a good idea of who the victim might be, I didn’t guess the murderer. It kept me guessing throughout and the twist was a complete surprise to me. There are some really creepy parts and the descriptions are just brilliant. I found myself getting up to close the curtains last night when I was reading, because the idea of who might be watching had been planted in my head and it really spooked me.

The Hunting Party is out on 24 January and I would definitely recommend it. It has been a such great book to start 2019 with. Thank you so much to Harper Collins for sending me an advance copy, I have absolutely loved reading it.

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