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The Goldfinch by Donna Tart

Yesterday I posted on my stories that I had a bit of a thing about big books! I know it’s daft but they just put me off. Even when a book comes highly recommended, if I risk putting my back out from carrying it around, I’m probably not going to read it! The Goldfinch is one that I have been going backwards and forwards on for ages. I love the sound of it, and I’ve lost count of how many people have told me I must read it but it’s just so big! I started it yesterday and so far I’m really enjoying it. But here’s what surprised me, when I posted that story I had a flurry of messages from people. Some people were telling me how much they loved the book which is great and got me really excited. Then I had lots of messages telling me what puts you off about books; size was a common theme (I’m glad I’m not alone), cover design popped up (I would never judge a book by its cover, honestly), books with a lot of a hype and new genres. So I thought I’d try and open up the conversation here. I remember not wanting to read I Am Pilgrim firstly because it’s huge and secondly because it was a genre I didn’t think I’d enjoy. Turns out I loved it! Now that I have confessed what puts me off, I’d love to know what puts you off a book and are there any sitting on your TBR that you can’t bring yourself to read?

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