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The Golden Child

Well that settles it, my kids are never having a phone, an iPad, a laptop or a social media account. The Golden Child by Wendy James has filled me with dread. My twins are only 5 so this isn't something I really need to worry about.... yet! But it has got me thinking.

A modern day drama that took me a while to get into, but once I had I found it be a very unsettling read.

Its a tale of two families. Beth and her husband who are returning to Australia with their two daughters, Lucy and Charlotte. Andi and Steve have a 12 year old daughter, Sophie, and baby Gus. While Charlotte has always been the popular girl, Sophie has found the social side of school challenging. When the mothers bring the girls together it appears that a friendship is forming.

What follows is a disturbing insight into cyber bulling. It is an upsetting read as this is happening in real life, every day. In all seriousness, it did make me feel anxious about how I would handle these situations when my children are older.

Even though I felt that part of the plot was given away quite early, I haven't been able to put this down. I almost burnt the kids dinner this evening as I wanted to squeeze one more chapter in.

If you're looking for a book club choice that will spark discussion, this could well be the perfect choice. It is very topical and every parent will have different opinions. I can't wait for my book club mamas to get together and talk about this one. It should be an interesting night.

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