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The Flight by Julie Clark

Normally on a Saturday morning I’d have a little stack for you, but I’m trying to be good and catch up on my reviews and today it’s a good one - The Flight (The Last Flight US title) by @julieclarkauthor out 25 June.

Two women, Claire and Eva, who are both living very different lives which they are desperate to escape from as they are both in danger. A chance encounter between the two at the airport offers them the perfect solution, switch tickets and identities and then disappear. However, one of the women won’t reach her destination.

I was pretty much hooked from the first page. It is a fast paced and gripping read that is incredibly tense. There were some scenes with Claire when she was looking through her husband’s documents and I found myself feeling really nervous that she’d be caught.

Both women are really interesting characters, both vulnerable and desperate but so strong. I really felt for both of them as they were both in really awful situations and I was really hoping it would work out for them.

I love reading a really good psychological thriller in the sunshine and this one was absolutely compelling. I loved the twists and turns, as usual for me I didn’t see them coming, I really would be a terrible detective! The suspense builds brilliantly throughout towards a brilliant final twist.

Definitely one I’d recommend. Thank you so much @hodderbooks for sending this one to me, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

What’s been your favourite thriller so far this year?

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