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The Chain

Yesterday I picked up The Chain by Adrian McKinty and was gripped from page one! The story is about Rachel who is driving to a doctor’s appointment when her phone rings. A stranger has kidnapped her daughter, they tell her that to save her daughter she must kidnap somebody else’s child. She is now part of The Chain, her daughter will only be released when the parents of the child she takes abduct another. Sounds terrifying right! Yep I was on the edge of seat and found myself absolutely tearing through the pages with my pulse racing. It’s a really interesting plot. The parents have to contact each other and threaten one another to ensure the chain is not broken, the fear for their own child’s safety leads each of them to carry out unthinkable acts. Adrian McKinty has done a great job of making you think about how far a parent would go to keep their child safe. I saw this described somewhere as Jaws or Gone Girl for parents, which is a good way to describe it. It is a thriller that will leave parents wanting to keep a close eye on their little ones. As for the hype, there’s a lot of love for this one but I have seen mixed reviews for it. For me, it was a very enjoyable thriller that was hard to put down. In all honesty, I didn’t like the ending I thought it wrapped up quickly and neatly and the final scene didn’t quite work for me. That said, as I had read this one in just a few hours by the end I was quite ready for things to be settled as I had stressed me out quite a lot! Have you read it yet? What did you think?

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