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The Bride Test

At first glance Helen Hoang’s new book The Bride Test appears to be just another fun romance novel. It is fun and romantic, but there is a bit more to it with this one. Khai’s mum is desperate to see her son married to a good woman. So desperate in fact that she heads home to Vietnam to recruit the perfect girl. Khai however has no interest in relationships. While his family recognise that his autism means he processes his emotions differently, Khai believes he is incapable of feelings and so shuts himself off from the possibility of love. As for the girl, meet Esme a mixed race girl living in the slums and working as a cleaner in a hotel. When presented with the opportunity to go to America she sees her chance to make a better life for herself and her family.

The main characters are likeable and believable. Esme is a great character, driven and determined, I was rooting for her throughout. As for Khai, well I was as smitten with him as Esme was. He is a strong and sexy man who just so happens to be autistic. I absolutely love how Helen wrote his character, maybe it’s because she herself is autistic that she was able to bring him to life so well, but I really felt like I understood him and yeah he’s just so lovely! A refreshing, sweet and sexy story that is at times is funny but so full of heart. If you’re looking for a light read to enjoy on your sun lounger I’d recommend this one.

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