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The Animals at Lockwood Manor by Jane Healey

Back in August I received one of the most beautiful proofs I’ve ever seen; The Animals of Lockwood Manor by @jane_healey. It’s seriously a thing of beauty the cover is stunning and it was wrapped up with its own little key. I almost didn’t want to open it but I’m so glad I did because I finished it a couple of days ago and it is so brilliant!

London 1939. Hetty Cartwright leaves London for the safety of Lockwood Manor. She has been tasked with safeguarding a precious collection of natural history exhibits.

She soon discovers that Lockwood Manor is a place of secrets, mysteries and terror. When one of the exhibits goes missing Hetty begins to realise that this job may not be quite as simple as she’d imagined. She’ll have to deal with a difficult Lord, resentful servants and then there’s Lucy, Lord Lockwood’s daughter, a beautiful and troubled young woman. Throw in rumours of ghosts and well Hetty has her work cut out for her.

Goodness me I have been held under this book’s spell from start to finish. It is so atmospheric and beautifully written, it’s a book I wanted to savour. As for the plot, wow, it’s so unique and it totally got me. I loved the gothic, mystery and romance of it but what is so clever is the final twist which was very unexpected.

I wish I had finished this in time for last week’s Saturday Stack as Jane Healey would absolutely be on my dazzling debut stack! Definitely one to watch!

The Animals at Lockwood Manor is out March 2020, thank you so much @panmacmillan not only was it a beautiful looking book I loved every page of it and I will definitely be recommending it to everyone.

What book are you most excited to get your hands on in 2020?

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