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Tell me a secret

There are two things that I love about Jane Fallon’s new book, Tell Me A Secret. Firstly she has dedicated it to Paws2Rescue in Romania, as I used to work in animal rescue I thought this was lovely and secondly it’s a simply a really great read.

There are some authors that you just know what you’re going to get when you pick up their books. Jane Fallon’s books are like that, sort of. You know that somebody is going to mess with someone else’s life. What you don’t know is how they will get even, and what I can tell you is that she can write some really original revenge plots!

In her new book, single mum Holly has been promoted to her dream job and she is determined to prove herself during her probation period. In the competitive world of TV, Holly knows that not all her colleagues are happy for her. Luckily for Holly, she has an office best friend, Roz. They spend all day together, loathe the same people and they tell each other everything.

After a series of strange incidents in the office, Holly becomes convinced that somebody is trying to sabotage her new job.

What follows is such a fun read, you know exactly where it is going but as I said earlier you’re just waiting to see what form the revenge will take. As with her other books, I found this one unputdownable and enjoyed every minute.

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