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So Lucky by Dawn O'Porter

January normally sees me jumping on the “New Year, new you” band wagon. I give it a good try and then fall off quite spectacularly only to spend the next few months beating myself up about it. Not this year!


I’ve finally come to realise that the old me actually isn’t all that bad, I’m a work in progress who’s in need of some TLC. So I’m doing something quite radical this January... I’m just trying to look after myself! I know, really crazy right!

Like a lot of women, I often find myself playing the comparing game, I look at other women and they seem to be amazing, great mums, great careers and perfect bodies. What I’ve slowly (and I’m in my forties so this has taken me a long time to suss out) come to realise is that this is a rubbish game which you never win; you only ever make yourself feel a hundred times worse. And it’s pointless because those women you’re comparing yourself to are probably every bit as insecure about one thing or another as you are!

When I picked up So Lucky but @hotpatooties I wasn’t really thinking about this, I just wanted a fun read, which it really is.

The story is about three women who from the outside all appear to have pretty awesome lives; Beth is the career woman and mother of a new baby who has it totally together, Ruby lives life by her own rules and then Lauren the Instagram star living the dream. The reality is each woman is battling her own problems and nothing is as perfect as it seems.

So Lucky is a great book to binge-read, it’s fun, thought-provoking and a little bit racy! I loved the way the women’s stories come together and it just felt to me to be a timely, and fun, reminder to be kind to yourself and believe in the power of the sisterhood.

If you’ve got the January blues and are looking for a fun read then really look no further, I laughed lots and came away with a feeling that it really is time to accept and appreciate the women we are!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this one, have you read it yet? Also have you read Cows and would you recommend it?

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