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Rewind has caused a bit of a problem for me as I don’t think I’ll ever be able to stay in a hotel again without fearing there is a hidden camera somewhere! The story starts at Shanmore Cottages, where manager Andrew is settling down for the night to watch his only guest sleeping via his hidden camera. A shadowy figure appears by her bedside and brutally murders her. Andrew watches on as the figure walks straight towards his camera and destroys it. What follows is a gripping and explosive thriller, that is described as Psycho meets Fatal Attraction. The story darts around in time and there are plenty of suspicious characters to keep you guessing.

What is most unsettling about this book is that Catherine Ryan Howard found the inspiration for it from an Instagram post by Postsecret that read “I swap hidden sex camera videos with other AirB&B hosts”. Creepy! Overall I really enjoyed Rewind, it is a brilliant and unique premise that kept me guessing until the end. In all honestly I wasn’t massively keen on the ending, I felt it was all wrapped up a little too quickly for me but judging by the other reviews I am in the minority on this. Rewind has been getting rave reviews on Instagram and it is one that I would recommend if after a fun thriller. Thank you so much to Readers First for sending me a copy. What’s been your favourite thriller so far this year?

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