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Unless you've had your head under a rock, you may have seen that Queen has been pretty much everywhere, and with very good reason.

Firstly, I have to say that it was not at all what I was expecting. I have seen it described as a dark comedy with a Bridget Jones element. There are some amusing parts, Queen herself is very witty, but overall I found it to be a troubling story of a young woman struggling to find her way after a devastating relationship break.

Queenie is a young British woman of Caribbean descent who has had a difficult life, neglected as a child she grows up with low self esteem and struggles with anxiety.

The most upsetting parts of the books are the casual relationships Queenie turns to, the men she chooses are just loathsome and she is subjected to sexual violence and humiliation. I found these sections very difficult to read as I really like Queenie and I just wished someone would help her and show her the love and affection that she needed.

While there were times I found Queenie a little upsetting I did find it totally compelling. She has story that is timely and needs to be told. One of the elements I loved the most were her female friends, The Corgis. I love to see writers showing women being supportive of one another and this shone through here.

If you're expecting a light Bridget Jones style novel you may be disappointed as there is so much more to this one. It is a really honest and raw novel, that tackles so many important subjects; race, mental health, sexual violence and abuse.

Thank you so much to Orion Books for my gifted copy. I can totally see why everyone is talking about Queenie.

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