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Queen Bee by Jane Fallon

When my copy of Queen Bee by Jane Fallon arrived, I honestly did a little dance. Firstly, I love and am always so grateful for book mail. Secondly I love Jane Fallon books so much and finally this one came with a lovely little can of Mirabeau Rosè wine. Cheers to you @penguinukbooksand @michaeljbooks - thanks so much for sending this to me, I really enjoyed it.

Right on to the book. Welcome to The Close, a beautiful street of mansions, home to the glamorous and rich and now also to Laura.

Laura rents a small studio flat on the close. As a single mum and owner of a small cleaning company, Laura doesn’t fit in with her new neighbours. The lady living opposite, Stella (the Queen Bee of the road), is instantly suspicious of Laura who she suspects is trying to steal her man, Al.

When Laura stumbles upon a secret that Al is hiding she knows that Stella is at risk and so reaches out to her. An unlikely friendship is formed and the two women start plotting a way to beat Al.

This is such an entertaining read, it’s full of twists and kept me guessing but also kept me asking what would I do in that situation. Nobody writes a revenge plot as well as Jane Fallon, she is so original and witty and Queen Bee was just such a fun book to dive into and escape for a few hours.

Definitely one I’d recommend and I think it would be a fun book club choice. Light and easy but with enough plot twists and interesting characters to keep you guessing.

Do you love her books as much as I do, come and let me know your favourite in the comments. I think for me it’s between Queen Bee and My Sweet Revenge.

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