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One True Loves

Time for another Taylor Jenkins Reid, I'm really enjoying working my way through her books. Emma is twenty years old when she marries her high-school sweetheart Jesse. The couple leave Massachusetts and live life to the fullest, travelling the word and seizing every opportunity. On their first anniversary Jesse goes on a work trip. His helicopter crashes and he is gone for good. Emma packs up and moves home settling into a life she thought she didn’t want. In her thirties, she is reunited with an old friend, Sam, and finds herself falling in love again. The pair are preparing for their wedding when Jesse is found alive. Now with a husband and a fiancé, Emma needs to decide which man is her one true love. This one really reminded me a of the film Castaway, just told from the perspective of Helen Hunt. Emma is faced with such a difficult decision, having to choose the life she wants, knowing that either way one man will be hurt in the process.

Taylor Jenkins Reid writes beautifully about life and grief and there are some really touching scenes in this one. Ok, it is a little cheesy but I have to say I really enjoyed it. I was constantly trying to work out what I would do in her place. Even though it is a little cutesy, I thought it was a compelling and enjoyable read. It’s interesting to read her earlier work as you can see how she has really matured into a master storyteller. She has the most amazing ability to create totally believable characters and I just love the way she writes about life. What’s your favourite Taylor Jenkins Reid book?

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