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Olive by Emma Gannon

Don’t fall off your seat but I’m finally here with a review and today I’m sharing my thoughts on Olive by Emma Gannon.

Olive is young woman trying to figure it all out and having to make some tough decisions along the way. She knows her own mind and she knows that she does not want to have children. As she watches her best friends start to marry and have children she finds herself alone as her friends just cannot understand her life choices.

There was a lot in this book that I could relate to. Unlike Olive, I always wanted to be a mum but my journey to motherhood wasn’t easy. Throughout the book Olive is asked really personal and inappropriate questions about her life choices and that struck a chord with me. I used to get so upset when people would question whether or not I was planning on having a baby as they had no idea that I was desperately trying. So while, my choices weren’t the same as Olive I really felt for her especially as she really didn’t get the support she needed from her friends.

While I enjoyed reading Olive I did think it lacked a little depth in some places. The women all face big challenges but at times I felt it was a little bit too chick-lit for me. Reading other reviews of those who have loved it, and there are many, I wonder if maybe I’m not quite the target age for this one.

For me it was a quick and easy read that I enjoyed. I do think Olive would make a good book club choice as it would spark debate about each of the women’s choices.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this one, did you enjoy it?

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