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Not just a pretty face

I love the cover of All the Beautiful Girls by Elizabeth J. Church.  It’s so glamorous and dreamy but it is so much more than just a pretty face.

There are a lot of adult themes in this book; child abuse, self harm, drug abuse and domestic violence. This sounds like a really depressing and upsetting book and there are moments that are tough to read.  However, it somehow managed to bring out the optimist in me. 

When Lily Decker is 8 years old her world starts to fall down around her.  She is involved in a car crash that kills her parents and sister.  At what should be the lowest point of her life, she is sent to live an aunt and uncle and sadly her life takes another turn.

Lily is a survivor, with a talent for dance which she uses to transform into Ruby Wilde, Vegas Showgirl.

It’s a brilliant book about life and all it’s messy ways. It’s about life's knocks, getting back up again, following your dreams, friends, family and learning to trust.  As Lily herself says “Everything - it’s just life.  And I am determined - so thoroughly determined - to see the beauty of life”.

What a woman!  I highly recommend this book, she’s a character that I will remember for a long time. 

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