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Nightingale Point

Nightingale Point was the book that could potentially have ruined our holiday, because once I started I didn’t want to stop reading it! It is so hard to put down. It’s one of those rare books that grips you from the first page and stays with you long after finishing. Inspired by two real life tragedies, the story is about the residents of a high-rise, council block called Nightingale Point. One morning, the residents wake up to their normal lives and worries not realising that tragedy is about to strike and change their lives forever. This is such a compelling read. It covers the period of before and after the tragedy and is told from the viewpoints of five characters who I felt I got to know, and love, very quickly.

Elvis, a young man with learning difficulties, was my favourite. He was absolutely real to me, he’s such a beautiful character and I felt so protective of him. Above all else in this book, I found his storyline to be the most powerful and moving. Nightingale Point is an absolutely brilliant read which explores themes of race, working-class politics, mental health and how a community pulls itself back together after tragedy. I just loved the way the characters strive to get their lives back, it’s a story of resilience, love, courage, friendship, community and forgiveness. Luan Goldie writes with great compassion, she has created a beautiful story that shows that the human spirit really can shine even in the darkest moments. I would highly recommend Nightingale Point, it’s a really special read. It is also another of the Jo Whiley, BBC Radio 2 Book Club choices for this summer and I have to say she has picked some incredible books. I've really enjoyed them all so far. Have you read any of them, which has been your favourite?

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