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Leave the World Behind by Rumaan Alam

Midway through reading Leave the World Behind by Rumaan Alam I slammed the book shut and thought this is way too stressful me, I’m going to have to DNF.

That night I went to bed and it was just whirring around my head and it carried on throughout all of Wednesday. I thought I wouldn’t be able to read it but then the thought of not knowing what happened finally got the better of me.

So last night, with my heart racing I finished this book and I have to say I found it absolutely terrifying. It is so “2020” and brought back really strong feelings in me of earlier this year when we realised life was about to change. That horrible uncertainty, and the feeling of being isolated and just basically feeling like our lives had turned into a bad apocalyptic movie. As a mum, I really felt for the two mothers in this book, I know I’m a complete scaredy-cat but there were a couple of parts in this one that I just found too real and too scary!

While I didn’t like the feeling this book gave me at all, it is so unnerving, tense and creepy I have to say it is a truly brilliant read. It felt so very real, honestly I can’t remember reading a book that has stressed me out as much.

I would recommend this one with caution, as somebody who is quite fearful anyway, I found this one to be quite a hard read, it was kind of like reading one of my worst nightmares. The writing and storytelling really is incredible but I think it just stepped into too being too scary for me. Those who are a little hardier than me would probably love this one.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this one, have you read it and what did you think; if you haven’t read it will you?

Have a lovely day 💕

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