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In a Holiday by Christina Lauren

Yesterday I finished my first festive read of the month; In a Holidaze by @christinalauren , (see picture 2 for synopsis) and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I almost didn’t read this one; firstly I wasn’t a massive fan of Josh and Hazel (sorry). Also I had seen it described as Groundhog Day meets Love Actually, now I know everyone loved it but I cannot stand the movie Groundhog Day; (sorry again!). When I saw that @tbr_addicted was reading it, I messaged her and asked if it was any good and she replied straight away saying you MUST buy it. So I did.

Anyway turns out that not liking Groundhog Day didn’t matter because I think the idea of Maeyln living in a time loop worked really well. I loved seeing how Mae tried to work out what would make her happy each time she starts the holiday again. The love story is really sweet and I really enjoyed watching it play out.

As you’d expect with a Christina Lauren book it’s a really fun romantic comedy, with great characters and a few steamy scenes but this one also has a sprinkling of Christmas magic. Like The Unhoneymooners I felt like reading this one was a bit like watching some of your favourite Christmas romcoms and I could totally see this one as a movie too.

What’s your favourite Christmas movie and book?

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