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I invited her in

Last night I was lucky enough to meet Adele Parks. She was taking part in an interview with Tasmania Perry for a podcast called Book Off! As I had just finished her book that morning I was really excited to hear her talk about it.

To be brief, I Invited Her In, is a brilliant book. Its about two women, Mel and Abi who meet at University. Abi is the fabulous one and Mel is just delighted when she befriends her. When Mel becomes pregnant following a one night stand, Abi is a true friend and supports her decision to keep the baby and so Mel decides to drop out of university.

17 years later, Mel has raised Liam (who is the perfect teen) and married Ben (who I think is my ideal man), and had two daughters. When she receives an email from Abi out of the blue saying that the marriage has failed, Mel invites her to come and stay with her family. And that is where the trouble begins.

What follows is an absolutely brilliant read. Its a little bit like watching a disaster unfold; you know what’s going to happen but can do nothing to prevent it. Adele said last night she hoped this would be a book club choice. I think it would be fantastic choice as everyone will have different opinions on Mel and Abi’s actions that it would surely spark some interesting discussion.

Just before I left last night, I asked Adele which one of her books I should read next. She didn’t miss a beat in suggesting The Image of You, one which my sister has also raved about. So I’m adding that one to my towering TBR and suggesting you read this one too.

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