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Home going by Luan Goldie

For me to preorder a book it has to be one I’m really excited about. Having loved Luan Goldie’s first book Nightingale Point so much as soon as I heard about Homecoming I ordered it. There’s always that moment when you pick up an author’s second book of hoping it’ll be as good as the first, but I needn’t have worried because this one was just brilliant as well.

Yvonne is a woman who has been trying to keep her secrets hidden for years. Her best friend’s son, Kiama has grown up without his mother and is looking for answers. When he asks Yvonne to travel with him to Kenya, the place that holds the answers to all his questions, she knows that can’t refuse. She also knows that the truth is finally about to come out.

I loved this one so much. Luan writes such a great characters, they’re just so real. I felt a real connection to Yvonne, I almost felt a little bit like her conscience following her through her story willing her to telling the truth. It’s one of those stories where, everything stems from one small moment when instead of just telling the truth, Yvonne decides to keep a secret not realising that this one act will have lifelong consequences. Kiama is equally another great character that is so well written I felt like I really knew him.

Throughout the book, we’re kept guessing as to what happened to Emma and I really enjoyed that suspense. I felt for both the characters as I could believe the situation they were in, sometimes life is messy and complicated.

Homecoming is a beautiful story about family, friendship, love and forgiveness. I found it very moving in places and I absolutely loved the two settings of London and Kenya, her descriptions made the whole story just leap off the page and feel real.

Absolutely one I’d recommend, and if you’ve yet to read Nightingale Point add that one to your list while you’re at it. I can guarantee that when Luan announces her next book, I won’t hesitate to hit the preorder button.

What are you reading and loving this week?

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