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Get Your Sparkle Back by Sally Beaton

A couple of years ago I went to one of the Henley Literary Festiv events where Sally @womenwithsparkle was speaking. She talked about women’s health and lifestyle and she just made so much sense to me. I went home and instantly started following her on Instagram and she is honestly one of my favourite accounts on Instagram.

I would say that I am probably a bit of an obsessive fan of Sally’s, I start so many sentences with “Sally from Women with Sparkle says...” and that’s because she has taught me so much. She is incredibly generous with the information she shares on Instagram but she now also has a fabulous book out which I’d highly recommend. It’s called Get Your Sparkle Back and here’s why I think it’s so brilliant.

Sally has a brilliant way of explaining things, I didn’t really have a clue how my monthly cycle worked, for years I’ve just accepted that it is what it is. Reading Sally’s book and using all the things that she has taught me, I’m starting to see that our body is giving us little clues about what is and isn’t working. I’ve already made a few changes since first meeting Sally a couple of years ago which made a big difference to me, now with her book beside me I think I might actually be on my way to getting my sparkle back.

What makes this book different to other women’s health books is that first of all Sally has been through a difficult period in her life where she had a breast tumour. It was at this time that she decided to really learn what was going on with her body and set her on her path to becoming a brilliant Women’s Holistic Nutritionist and Coach. This isn’t all about diet and fitness, it’s about living and loving your life and I promise you will just be so inspired and motivated by Sally, she’s just amazing!

Right that’s enough fangirling for today, but if you aren’t following head over how and also do consider picking up her book as well.

Have a lovely day 💕

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