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Get a Life, Chloe Brown by Talia Hibbert

I’m not sure if you can call two reviews in a row a roll but I’m going to as today I’m sure sharing my thoughts on Get a Life, Chloe Brown by @taliahibbert

Chloe Brown is one of those characters who is instantly likeable and totally unforgettable. She’s a young woman with a chronic illness and she’s on a mission to get a life after having a close(ish) call with death.

As a list-lover Chloe decides to write a list to help her Get a Life. Her list includes going on a drunken night out, riding a motorbike and doing something bad. Chloe doesn’t have a rebellious bone in her body but lucky for her, the sexy superintendent at her new apartment will prove to be the perfect man to help her get a life.

The first thing I loved about this book is Chloe. She is a young woman, who is tough and determined and yet due to her illness, fibromyalgia she faces many difficulties. While she at times appeared to be prickly I couldn’t help but like her and I really admired her. I felt like Talia Hibbert gave me a really good insight into what life for a young woman with a chronic illness must be like especially when it comes to dating and sex.

I was expecting this to be just a quick, light and fun read but actually I got more from this. Not only does this book shine a light on fibromyalgia but she also looks at abusive relationships. Both subjects are tackled with sensitivity and did get me thinking.

There’s a reason this book is popping up all over the place on Instagram and that’s because it’s really good. A fun, witty, original and very steamy in places read that I would definitely recommend.

I know there’s a second book out; Take a Hint, Danj Brown which I’m really looking forward to.

Have you read this one yet and what did you think?

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