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Force of Nature

Updated: Jul 11, 2019

Team building were words that used to fill me with dread when I worked. I have a horrible memory of a three-legged obstacle course with a very sweaty colleague. So gross!

That said at least non of us went missing or were left severely traumatised. That is exactly what happens to the five women who reluctantly set off in Jane Harper's new novel, Force of Nature.

If you read The Dry you'll remember Federal Agent Aaron Falk who is back to solve this mystery. The woman who goes missing is whistleblower Alice Russell.

This is a brilliant book that I felt nervous reading in parts and it really kept me guessing until the end. There are some really creepy parts and I certainly wouldn't have wanted to read this if I were home alone.

Definitely one I'd recommend and maybe you could even use it as an excuse to get out of any team building activities your boss might suggest. Far too traumatic!

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