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Fleabag; The Scriptures by Phoebe Waller-Bridge

A couple of people asked me why I’d put Fleabag The Scriptures on my Christmas wish list when I could just watch the series. Fair enough question! I have watched a couple of episodes and thought it was brilliant but I just don’t connect with TV in the way I do with books. I can be watching something that I’m really interested in and enjoying and I’ll find my mind wandering, or most of the time I just end up falling asleep on the sofa!

I’m so glad I got this book as I just loved reading it. Fleabag is such an interesting character and as the book is all in script format it makes for a really quick and easy read. It is wonderfully witty, clever and touching. I loved it.

The best thing about this book though for me has to be the notes at the end. There’s one page titled Who is Fleabag? which when your read it just makes you love, and respect Fleabag all the more. For me, Fleabag is the perfect heroine; she’s strong, intelligent, witty and probably what makes her so loveable is her vulnerability.

Reading the book did leave me feeling that I had probably missed out a little by not watching it all on tv and so I will definitely go back and watch it, but probably during the day so I don’t end up snoring on the sofa!

Are you a Fleabag fan? Which did you prefer book or tv show?

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