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Eight Detectives by Alex Pavesi

Last night, the wonderful team at @michaeljbookshosted a murder mystery evening to celebrate the soon to be released Eight Detectives by Alex Pavesi. A small group of bookstagrammers got together and listened to two very convincing actors carry out an interrogation of a murder suspect. We were all given a chance to ask the characters questions and then at the end we had to guess who was guilty.

It was really fun, my husband joined me and while we didn’t do very well with our guesses (neither of us will ever be offered jobs at Scotland Yard any time soon) we had a lot of fun. We stayed up chatting away for ages after and he’s now going to read the book too.

Pre-COVID 19, I used to attend a lot of bookish events; hosted by publishers, book shops and literary festivals and I really miss them. So last night was a really lovely and special event to be a part of.

Eight Detectives is a complex, clever and highly original murder mystery that I loved reading. I’m going to share my full review on its publication day on 20 August. But in short it is an incredible debut novel that really deserves to be showered with lots of attention.

Thank you so much to the team at @michaeljbooks and especially @elliehughes85 for organising and inviting us to such a brilliant event and for allowing me to be one of the early readers of such a brilliant book.

Have you ever been to a murder mystery event and how are your detective skills?

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