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Confessions of a Forty-Something F**k up by Alexandra Potter

Time for a review of a book I read last week and really enjoyed; Confessions of a Forty Something F**k Up by @alexandrapotter (see picture 2 for synopsis).

I saw a Telegraph review that described it as “The new Bridget Jones for our Covid-ridden times.“ I guess at first glance Nell does seem similar to our beloved Bridget but for me where Bridget is a bit of a hapless heroine, Nell is just more relatable. While her life has not turned out as she had hoped, I didn’t think she was a f**k up, she’s a work in progress; as we all are.

Nell is a great character and I really enjoyed her story, I thought it was funny and warm and really well told. As for Cricket, I just loved her so much! I want her to be my new bestie (sorry current bestie 😉) she’s 80 years old and such a brilliant, fun and inspiring character.

At the end of each chapter, Nell notes down the things she is grateful for. I had started doing this last year but had kind of fallen out of the habit. Midway through the book I started doing it again and it really does make you feel more positive (and don’t we need that right now).

I really enjoyed this one, it is a fun read but there are also lots of layers to it which made for a really interesting and inspiring read. Definitely one I’d recommend.

What are you reading and loving at the moment?

Have a great day💕

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