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Book of the year.... Already?

My book club have had a bad run of books recently. We really need one that will give us something to really chat about. So when I heard we were reading Tara Westover's Educated I was excited.

Being March it may be a bit early to suggest this, but I think it may well be one of my favourite books of 2018.

Tara's memoir is a story like one I have never heard before. Her childhood in Idaho is at times difficult to read about. She works hard with her father and brothers preparing for the end of days in some seriously dangerous situations. Her radical father doesn't believe in doctors or education and yet this remarkable woman manages to self educate herself all the way to Cambridge and Harvard.

I was wholly inspired and moved by her beautifully written story. Tara's honesty about the difficult times she faced while coming to terms with her family situation is something I really appreciated reading. She's a woman who shows us that if we are brave and determined we really can do amazing things. Tara has become one of my fantasy dinner party guests, what a remarkable woman.

My book club are getting together on Monday and I can't wait to hear what they thought of this one. Have you read it? Please let me know what you thought about it in the comments below.

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