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I frequently describe myself as a book blogger… which is all well and good but having a blog and blogging are two very different hobbies aren’t they. So I thought I’d get back into it with a weekly Saturday chat about my week! I hope you enjoy it.

Over on Instagram, on Wednesday evening I was lucky enough to chat to Bonnie Garmus, author of my favourite read so far this year. Lessons in Chemistry (which is out now in hardback). We had such a brilliant time but rather annoyingly, Instagram refused to let me save the video and it has been lost. At least I have the lovely memory of it.

Also on Instagram I’m hosting my second readalong. Together with a lovely group of women we’re reading All My Mothers by Joanna Glenn and I’m really enjoying. We read about a hundred pages and then get together weekly for an Insta chat. I’m currently planning my Readalong pick for May so if you fancy joining in just let me know in the comments.

In attempt to move with the times I’ve decided to get going on TikTok again, so far I can honestly say I have no idea what I’m doing and I’m feeling too old for it but I shall carry on regardless. If you have have any TikTok Top Tips send please send them my way, I need all the help I can get. Here's a little look at what I'm doing over there...

This week I’ve received some exciting book mail, Not Safe for Work by Isabel Kaplan which is being published on 4 August by Michael Joseph Books.

Here’s the synopsis:

You are young, ambitious, college-educated and a feminist. Your new job is in television. To climb the ranks, you do whatever it takes: - Pull all-nighters - Lean on your powerful mother's contacts - Stay in shape at cult-like fitness classes - Secretly wear your boss's fitbit to improve his stepcount - and his temper You know the rules of this world. When someone senior tells you how pretty you look, you smile and thank him - and make a mental note never to wear that dress alone with him again. When whispers start to circle that your office might have 'a bit of a rape problem,' and your close friend confesses her own unsettling encounter, you know there is plenty to gain from staying silent, and all too much to lose through speaking out. And of course, you know your own boss is one of the good guys . . . don't you? With blisteringly sharp prose and a darkly humorous voice, Not Safe For Work is an unflinching exploration of the grey area between empowerment and complicity, and a searing, unforgettable portrait of what success costs in a patriarchal world.

Sounds good doesn't it.

Finally, this week my in-laws arrived safely from Chicago. We haven’t seen them since 2019 and its so lovely to all be together again. The children, and Roddy, are being spoilt rotten, but I guess that’s what grandparents are for!

I’ll be back next Saturday. Have a great week.

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