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Anxious People by Fredrik Backman

Today I’m sharing my thoughts on Anxious People by Fredrik Backman.

This is the story of an attempted bank robbery. Following the failed robbery, the robber flees the scene and attempts to hide in a flat that is being shown to a group of potential buyers. Without meaning to the robber has now taken a group of people hostage. At first the group are terrified, but they soon realise that their robber is no criminal mastermind and may in fact be the one who needs rescuing.

What a brilliantly unique novel this is. Firstly it is very funny in places but there is also so much heart as well. There is a fabulous cast of characters, all with some really interesting and moving back stories. It’s hard to pick favourites but I have a soft spot for the two policemen.

Anxious People is a really clever story which tackles some big issues, specifically mental health and suicide. I think Backman has done an amazing job of writing this with the perfect mix of compassion and humour.

I loved the way it all came together, it is a very unique and engaging read which made me laugh and also really moved me in places. If I were to be critical I did find myself wanting to skim the witness interviews so I could get back to the story.

It’s one I enjoyed reading but I could see how it wouldn’t be everybody’s cup of tea and I have seen a mix of reviews for it. I’d love to hear your thoughts, have you read it and did you enjoy it?

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