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A Snow Garden by Rachel Joyce

After reading Leave the World Behind and being scared witless by it, I needed something gentle and lovely to read. So I pulled A Snow Garden by @rachelcjoyce off my December TBR and it was exactly what I needed.

This a collection of short stories that are all connected and I have to say I even loved her introduction to this book. She talks about the characters she has had to cut from her books and how they had been hanging out in the caravan where she writes (even that sounds fabulous doesn’t it) and so she decided to write them their own little stories. See picture 2 for synopsis.

I often wonder how authors feels about their characters when they finish writing a book but I hadn’t considered those who didn’t make the final edit. I loved meeting all of these new characters and I thought it was really clever how she connected their stories together.

I just loved reading this one; it was the perfect book for me to read. I found it calming, funny and heartwarming. For a little book I got a lot out of it. Definitely one I’d recommend you pick up.

I haven’t read many short story collections this year and I’d forgotten how much I enjoy them. Have you read any brilliant ones recently that you’d like to recommend?

Have a lovely day 💕

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